2:15 AM || 9 February 2019

It just hit 2 AM in the morning, a couple days into February 2019. Snow is falling thick and fast outside my dorm window, apparently one of the worst snowfalls in Seattle history. 
This is the perfect time to start documenting my life (more... I use Instagram but I've been told I post to far and wide.) 
Just recently a student passed away on campus walking between classes. Out of the blue, no warnings, here one moment, gone the next. It really puts life into perspective. You could be worrying about midterms and projects and the next you just cease to exist. It's wild. There is such a fine line between life and death and thinking about that really drums up fear. 
I refuse to be here temporarily. I refuse to be an insignificant speck in this universe. I refuse to fear. If I go down, there better be a trail of memories, lessons, and media left in my wake for the world to remember me by.  An Instagram post is one thing, a website another, but putting my thoughts on display is something next level.
I planned on starting this the beginning of the year, but January literally just flew by, and before I know it we'll be in March and then in 2020. As cliché as it sounds there is no time like the present, even if it's February at 2 AM during one of the worst snowfalls of Seattle history. And I think it's going to help me mentally, you can only share so much in passing conversation, but a journal of thoughts (as I've researched) can really help you get past mental limitations and be a better you.
From here on out, I'll try, no I am going to put my thoughts and life a little more out there as in on the internet. And if that's the most Millenial-Gen Z thing you've ever heard so be it, #proudtobe. Here to living life and to new adventures (and to documenting all of them.)