sparking dialogue within seattle communities centered around art

Sitting with art — Research & methods

sitting with art!
We were challenged to reveal more about the city in which out educational bubble exists. We found that much of culture and history can found in the details of art created in its response. Seattle is regarded as one of America’s most trendy, artsy, hipster towns, so revealing Seattle’s history though art was a surefire way to understand our local past.
One of our main goals was to not only think about the past stories of art but also how we might engage with future stories to come. In addition to this we wanted to create a community centered around the appreciation of art in all its forms.
the fine details
Collaborative Course Project
Winter 2020 — 11 weeks
Prof. Audrey Desjardins & TA Jeremy Viny
DES208: Design Methods
Joyce Lin — BDes Interaction Design
Yuna Shin — BDes Interaction Design
Ashley Wang — BDes Visual Communication Design

Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, Laser Cutter, 
Mentor — Claire Cowie, Professor of Art
"uncover hidden Seattle histories"
rooted in art
During initial research we spoke to community members varying in levels of knowledge and in how long they've live in the community. We learned from them in art institutions in public parks and everywhere in between.
From this we concluded that our solutions must be engaging, communal, and representative.
How might we create a space for
the community to engage with the past
and future histories of Seattle art?
exploring solutions
We came up with hundreds of  physical and digital products that would potentially help our problem space, if not solve it all together.
Below are some of our favorites — Click here to see each idea.
the best of the best
Out of the 50+ concepts we came up with, we narrowed down to three ideas that completely solved our space and full under our key characteristics.
buddy design / story time
When forced to choose one concept to pursue we ended up synthesizing the three finalists into a cohesive product. We then created a storyboard and then asked some of our initial interviewees to review the concept.
We're sparking dialogue with Seattle communities centered around art.
taking shape
Curved with a central console. - encourages users to focus on the art in front of them by angling the line of sight inward and forcing users to sit facing each other for conversation - If one wants to use it purely for rest they can sit facing out in which the center console acts as a divider and table
central console
Flashing lights from the button signal the user that they have actionable options once they sit down. On a display a corresponding blurb about the art piece appears on the display along with space for the user’s response.
Website - Online database centralized information on public art to educate users about Seattles history and archive responses form the community to increase curiosity and engagement - handout - A paper souvenir is offered with a copy of their response and more information on nearby art.
sitting with art
We implemented an interactive bench that prompts conversation within the community around the past and future histories of Seattle art by using direct responses from users to create a centralized platform in public spaces.
By taking the experience of viewing art to Seattle outdoors, Sitting with Art not only reveals the hidden histories of art pieces but invites the public to share their thoughts. Overtime the centralized database will track the changing perspectives on the everchanging Seattle landscape.
thank you
Thanks to my teammates for being relentless in the process and being critical at every step. Thanks Jeremy for eventually figuring out to circle back to us at the end of class because we overthought everything and needed to process (also for twinning every once in while). Thanks Audrey for putting up with our complex questions and theses both in office hours and in class.

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