about me

Here's a little bit of my story


My name is Dustin Mattaio Pangilinan Mara. I was born on the island of Oahu in the autumn of 1999. Being born at the very end of the century put me at the crossroads of the Millennial and Gen Z generations, providing me with insight among two large demographics. I have lived across the Pacific Islands and up and down the West Coast of the United States, pushing me to lead many different lifestyles. My mother is a flight attendant, meaning we move around every so often and we travel the globe even more frequently. I find myself the happiest while immersing myself in other cultures, languages, and environments, as well as during the occasional nap.

Right now, I'm pursuing a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design at the University of Washington. While here, I am working part-time creating and managing graphic assets for the Office of Youth Programs Development & Support as well as the Resilience Lab.

I am also an active advocate for and creative director of SAASHA, Student-Athletes Against Sexual Harassment & Assault and an in-house designer for The Wave Foundation. Post college I aspire to continue traveling the globe and designing for social good. I seek awesome adventures and learning opportunities and always leave behind thoughtful ideas and unforgettable smiles.

Since discovering graphic design as a young teen, I have learned how to leverage media and interface to increase user-retention, accessibility, and, most importantly, aesthetic. Design is a tool as much as it is an art. Through thoughtful design, we can change the way humans think about everyday life. ​​​​​​​

You can reach me at dustin.mara@gmail.com or @dustinmara

All the best,