coco rounded

typeface design

Amidst a global pandemic education and design continued to prosper. Coco rounded is the result of a 5-week introduction to typography taught in a digital classroom and collaborated in digital design studios. Coco Rounded is currently being developed as a typeface family. 

Coco Rounded is inspired by street vendor's hand-painted sign. His original letterforms were super round and super thick, often referred to by peers and professors as "juicy" and "nutty". As a team we decided to stray away from directly copying the hand-painted thick round forms by slimming down and regulating the letterforms. We aimed for something less "nutty" and more sophisticated, with the goal of producing a typeface that is accessible to a wider audience.

Alongside: Jessie Huynh, Riley Mehl, Lillian Murphy

During: March 2020 - Present

Deliverables: hand-drawn letterforms, digital typeface, specimen poster, specimen postcards