Coco Sans

a juicy and youthful display type inspired by a vendor's hand-painted sign ↧

We're all nuts for coconuts!
Coco Sans is a lush single weight sans serif display typeface inspired by a New York City street vendor's hand-painted signs. The original sign was super bubbly and juicy and we refined the characters by slimming them down and rounding off the edges. Coco Sans marks the beginning to a journey based of my obsession for letterforms and the spaces between them.
a single weight display typeface
Collaborative Course Project
Spring 2020 — 10 weeks
Karen Cheng (DES214 Marks & Symbols)
Jessie Huynh
Riley Mehl
Lillian Murphy
To take set of control letters and the original prompt and create the basic letterforms needed in order to expand and retail a commercial typeface.​​​​​​​