Everett rowing — 40 years

a publication and exhibition that celebrate the 40 year legacy of Everett Rowing Association ↧

Three cheers...
In honor of Everett Rowing Association’s 40 year legacy of providing premier rowing experiences in the Pacific Northwest — with competitive reach both nationally and internationally. We researched and designed a publication that chronicles the founders archive of photos, clipping, medals and memorabilia collected over the 4 decades of their involvement with the club.
The sweeps + sculls
researched, archived, and designed a publication and exhibition — 3 months 
Studio + Client
TAIO TYPE for Everett Rowing Association
Problem Space
How might we take the club's 40 year legacy and put it on display for alumni and membership?
Bleeding blue
This rowing club is my second home — or even my first, considering how much time I spent there. It was an honor to sit down with the founders (who were my previous coaches) and discuss the legacy they have built not just in our region, but also nationally. Excited for the next 40 years, Everett.