product development

An in-class assignment was to build and prototype a packaging for a pair (or a few pairs) of "gift" socks. The only two constraints were to only use a 19'x24' piece of C-Flute cardboard and to not apply any type of graphic on the exterior of the package. 
Naturally, I gravitated to a pair of wool hiking socks, something I believe anyone who enjoys comfort would enjoy, hiker or not. My theme was to "give the gift of the outdoors". The project included three weeks of ideation and iteration culminating with a final week of preparing and presenting a completed project. 
My ending solution to the prompt are presented as follows:
The package holds three pairs of wool hiking socks. The exterior of the package is a sleeve that keeps the box shut in transport and adds another layer of depth in display. When closed, a die-cut reveals the striped, colored pattern on the front-most pair of socks. When open the ridged detail on the sleeve acts as a marker for the distance the hiker die-cut has traveled. When the interior flap is opened, it reveals three cascading pairs of socks. These socks resemble the rest of the trail the hiker has yet to traverse. This is to symbolize the necessity of these socks to continue the journey
The process included a too many hours of storyboarding, multiple trips to buy socks and cardboard, learning how to  not burn cardboard in a laser cutter, and, of course, a few miles trekked to relieve my frustrations. My grade for this project boosted me several places in class and granted me a guaranteed position in the UW Design program. 
Thankful for my peers, my perseverance, and my love for the outdoors, all of which got me through this project and into the program.