digital experience

This is an ongoing user experience project and this will be used as a digital journal following the process.
Pan American Airlines defined an era of air travel and has left a long lasting legacy on the new digital era to follow. What it did not leave behind was how airlines should navigate and seamlessly integrate a digital experience into the journey. This study explores the whats, where, whens, and hows of mobile application experiences from arriving at the airport in once city and leaving it in another. 

STEP I - Researching
Research was conducting in three parts: looking at current airline apps, looking at forums and reviews, and speaking to travelers of all types. 
The first part was to look at existing airline apps and compare similarities and differences to see what is working and what is not working. The top three American carriers and foreign carriers by passengers flown were taken into consideration. All six airlines split features into a main menu and a side menu...
The second part was to read through airline forums and app store reviews to see what difficulties customers are having.
 The third and final part of research included speaking to travelers themselves. Travelers included families, businessmen, adventurers, as well as flight attendants and desk agents. 
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STEP II - Synthesizing 
Research concluded that current airline apps are three things: redundant, cluttered, and useless.
In addition to that, the idea that informations bolsters confidence and defends against anxiety. Many customers and airlines agree that the more is known about the flying process (gate changes, aircraft info, baggage info, etc.) the safer and more at ease passengers are. 
In response, the main goal was to design a digital experience that presents itself well, removes the unnecessary, and proves to be a tool, in order to make flying a more seamless enjoyable experience.
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STEP III - Prototyping
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STEP IV - Testing
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STEP V - Presenting
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