expanding a brand language with minimal modular iconography

present /&/ Correct —Visual System & branding

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Present & Correct London is a showcase for the things we all have enjoyed since school. Their long-term obsession with stationery culminated in their constantly evolving store. Present & Correct aims to spark distance memories and make you smile or look at the most mundane in a new and fonder light.
As a team, we explored ways to extend Present & Correct’s minimalist type and pattern-based brand through a new set of icons. We were inspired by their tidy store layout and their flat-lay product photography. These icons aims to convey their minimalist, charming and unique essence. They are intended for functional and decorative use all throughout the store.
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Collaborative Course Project
Spring 2020 — 20 weeks ongoing
Present /&/ Correct London
Prof. Karen Cheng —DES214: Marks & Symbols
Ashley Wang — BDes Visual Communication Design
pen & paper, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma
How do we expand an established
brand through the use of symbols?
problem space
understanding the brand
As much as we wanted to travel to London to explore their shop a sea and pandemic stood between us. The next best thing was to buy stalk their instagram and blog, online shop in their store, and give them a call. Though they never picked up, their shipping was prompt enough to see the end of our project. 
From all this we understood three things:
1. the brand is minimal and clean.
2. the brand relies on type, specifically P22's typeface Underground.
3. everything about them alludes to a sense of timelessness but also presence.
From these three insights we found our three design principles:
1. minimal
2. complementary
3. timeless / modern
round 1
With the key design principles above we entered our first critique with these three symbol sets. We chose bright colors that matched the brands interior product wall and we chose a variety of approaches to displaying their product types: straight on, on a shelf, and from above.
round 2
From the previous critique we came back with simplified icons in black and white. We presented two directions from here after good feedback on our original flat lay icon set. We received mixed feedback on the icons being too chaotic with multiple items but at the same time necessary. This lead to presenting a clearer locked-up option and a single product option.
final round
From the previous critique we returned with cleaner and clearer flat lays for each product type. We visually and theoretically balanced the icons in each set. This meaning we spent ample time making sure there was even-ness across each lock up and good representation across the products. 
class deliverable
Our final deliverable for class was a simple poster highlighting the function and beauty of our symbol set. We went through countless iterations trying to find the right balance between timeless and current. From the top down you can see our progress.
Spark distant memories and make you smile or look at the most mundane in a new and fonder light.
pResent /&/ Correct
Kudos to Ashley Wang for putting up with all my microscopic adjustments and for constantly keeping me on top of our deadlines. Thanks to our TA’s Philbert Widjaja and Ruby Peven for always providing new crit. Finally, thank you Karen, who made the transition online feel as guinine and comparable to a real in-class experience, for the depth of knowledge, and for thinking about our projects beyond the scheduled zoom calls.

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