brand identity

SAASHA, Student-Athletes Against Sexual Harassment and Assault, is an organization dedicated to ending sexual assault and harassment in and out of collegiate athletics. The organization was founded by a group of rowers at the University of Washington in 2017. The mission of the group is to promote a culture of healthy relationships free of sexual violence by driving cultural change through the leadership of  student-athletes. 
SAASHA's logo prior to my recruitment was decidedly too harsh and exclusive to portray SAASHA's message. As a team we decided that SAASHA needed to appeal a spectrum of diverse people. We also wanted something that targeted our age-group of pre-teenagers to young adults. 
The project was a top to bottom updating of the brand that included deliverables such as stickers, flyers, ongoing social media content and a brand new website
Initial logos for SAASHA included an X or an adjusted arrow shape. Upon asking other athletes, students, faculty, and strangers we found that these logos felt to extreme and overly athletic to taste. 
The team came to the conclusion that a simple chevron spoke best to our history, our goals, and our mission. 
As an organization started by Washington rowers we wanted to recognize the programs heritage. At the earliest competition dates a small chevron would be painted next to the boat name to mark significant victories made in that boat. 
As an organization that is dealing with a very timely issue we wanted the chevron to also symbolize a step forward to the solution. We also allow it to be considered as a greater than symbol. This is the reason the chevron is almost never place before SAASHA. We want to show that SAASHA is greater than the problem at hand. 
Our blue commemorates the earliest iteration of SAASHA which included a bright teal highlight. In addition it is a nod to organizations we look up to such as the WAVE Foundation and RAINN. The gradient represents the diversity in students and athletes we represent.
Our website is specifically designed to be succinct. The majority of our visitors are parents and coaches who fall into an age demographic a few years ahead of our own. In order to accommodate the technological gap presented at this age, we cut corners on whitespace and oversimplified site features such as pages, buttons and copy. In a user test we found that cutting right to business with our mission, a donate button, and statistics, increased the user's retention and a higher percentage of them felt obliged to make a donation, contact us, or follow our social media accounts. 
The current website (December 3, 2019) is in an ongoing process of revision as we at SAASHA realign and reorganize our mission and our purpose in the coming new year. 
Collateral such as flyers, social media posts, shirts, and stickers maintain a clear relationship to the brand in any of its recent iterations. SAASHA is slowing phasing out previous designs and materials each year as we graduate a class of members. It is expected by 2021, the newest brand identity will be across all mediums as well as across the nation at several upcoming partner universities and colleges. 
To learn more about and/or to contact SAASHA please visit us at or email us at