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TWA — visual identity

up and away with twa
Trans World Airlines (TWA) is an American based international airline. At the beginning of the 1930s, four small airmail companies force merged to form TWA. Before long, we battled with the likes of PanAm for the best in-flight service to the most global destinations. The airline went defunct at the end of the 1990s, selling its remaining assets to still existing carriers.
This project imagines what could be if TWA were to reemerge in the 21st century to continue its mission of being the golden standard for air travel. TWA have one of the longest and richest histories in the aviation industry passenger movement. This rebrand seeks to continue this legacy for a new generation, as well as the old, to feel (or refeel) the jet age of travel.
the nuts & bolts
Independent Course Project
Winter 2021 — 8 Weeks
Trans World Airlines
Steven Watson (Principal & Creative Director @ Turnstyle)
DES368 — Case Studies in Corporate Identity
pen & paper, Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop, AfterEffects 
how might we revive and rebrand one of the world's largest airlines for a younger audience while still honoring it's legacy
problem space
JETway advertisments
For the next generation of world adventurers and young professionals, TWA modernizes its depth of industry knowledge and the glory of jet-age travel for the modern, digital era.
Brand Positioning Statement
logo evolution
Our logo combines a modernized and progressive version of our historical bar motif and layers it on top of our modernized italic word mark. This freshly crafted combination between the bar and the type creates a modern, energetic, and timeless logo.
We keep it simple with four main colors, nothing 
more nothing less. These keep our brand easy
and approachable. We cater to wide audience so
less is always more. In some small instances, like placing our logo discretely over red, we allow the
use of different opacities of our iconic red.
Like our palette our type is simple. Headers in Neue Haas Bold, subheaders in Neue Haas Light and body copy in Roman. Our Aviator subbrand introduces Le Monde Livre a clean serif that adds a bit of polish.
wing motif
The wing graphic is the vertical bar across our logomark. This wing shape recognizing our heritage in the industry. The wing recognizes our logo history while also reaches forward to the future. We use this sometimes as a supergraphic, as a box to call-out text, or to crop images in a dynamic way.
Destination photography highlights monuments and landmarks that are taller than they are wide. This provides a strong contrast with our wing graphic as well as a height passengers can aspire to.
We try to not show distinguishable features in our photography so that everyone can see themselves as the photos subjects. This helps the audience imagine themselves at the destinations we service.
Our favorite color is red. Pops of red help distinguish our brand from other north american carriers. Its our subtle way of marking every photo with a bit of TWA.
on the behalf of our crew thank you...
Steven. Watson. You are an amazing professor and and even more amazing individual. Your guidance and insight throughout the quarter has radically transformed and validated everything I know about creative direction and brand building. This KitKat (maybe they'll get around to naming the minis Kit and Kat one day haha!) and TWA bag of airplane pretzels are for you!

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