Design as Disruption

an exhibition and identity defined by the juxtaposition of restrained type and explosive disruption ↧

Design as Disruption
UW Design 2022 presents Design as Disruption — the first design show in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery after a two-year hiatus. The show’s title embodies what the last three years have taught us: design is a means to challenge constraints, solve problems, and surpass expectations. After all, aren’t rules meant to be broken?
This identity embodies the intimate ties between order and chaos, a fundamental design principle that mirrors the turbulent nature of life itself. The idea blossomed from the our experimentations with cutting up earlier versions of the poster into strips and rearranging them into a distorted composition.
The Distorts + The Warps
an identity, poster, and exhibition
spring 2022 — 6 weeks
UW Design 2022
IDentity Team
Ashten Alexander 
Vera Drapers
Edith Freeman 
Elyssa Yim
exhibition Team
Katrina Filer
Andrea Gonzalez 
Nancy Hur
Problem Space
How might we create a visual identity and exhibition space that represents the UW Design Class of 2022 keeping mind it is the first show in-person after two years and the last show in the gallery as it exists?
TDC Certificate of Excellence in Branding / Identity
TDC Certificate of Excellence in Poster / Moving Poster
Published in TDC Best of Type & Typography Annual
Displayed in TDC Global Exhibitions

Class of 2022, we did that. Our senior show is complete and we are off into the real world. Team, after so much stress and worry over if this identity and exhibition would come together here we finally are — and it was the best UW Design has seen for a while. Glad to have left our legacy with all of you. Here's to what comes next.