the other side

an exhibition that unravels the parallels between life and death ↧

why don't we talk about death...
Death is a universal experience that everyone shares as fate. Yet, it’s a subject that people rarely discuss due to its stigma in everyday conversation. Because of all of this death is incomprehensible both in its occurence and speculation.
While conversations around death can be filled with heavy emotions and stigma, this exhibition hopes to unravel the parallels of life and death through reflection, optimism, and curiosity of the unknown.
The known + unknown
an interactive exhibition
spring 2022 — 11 weeks

Ashten Alexander 
Joyce Lin
Ashley Wang 
Elyssa Yim
Problem Space
How might we create a space that invites individuals to reflect and discuss life and death?

death group!
This was one of those situations where you hate everyone for the bulk of it but then love them even more so on 'the other side'. We will be death group forever and I will have dreams (and nightmares) of our space forever. So proud of you all for what you were able to accomplish here.