fostering community and identity among queer youth

queery — branding & creative Direction

coming out to talk...
Queery is a play on the words queer and query; a reference to an awkward period in many queer youth lives where their identities can be belittled and feel ambiguous.

State regulated sex-education is already vague in heteronormative terms, but as a queer student it’s even harder to navigate. Today’s media represents queer relationships in derogatory, toxic, and inaccurate ways. This conference positively explores queer history, sex education, and relationships.
the girls, gays, & theys 
Collaborative Course Project with Ashley Wang
Spring 2021 — 10 Weeks
The Trevor Project, GLSEN, & GLAAD
Prof. Annabelle Gould 
DES369 — Visual Systems
Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop, AfterEffects, ProCreate
We are a conference where queer identifying youth can build community, celebrate their identities, and explore topics surrounding relationships and health.
social media posts
wayfinding banners
speaker bumper & stage
post-conference gifts
happy pride youuu!
Ashley Wang, you are my favorite person ever. I am so happy to have partnered with you on this project. Your vision and execution is truly one of a kind, and you bring out the best in me. We had it rough the first few weeks ideating but now I cannot stop admiring where we landed. Love you so much.

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